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Update on Google Analytics

Just a quick update on Google Analytics – it looks like the service is 100% up and running now. One really big caveat though – no new signups are occurring right now. This is great news for those of us who were able to get in early, but no so good news for everyone else. […]

Measure Map and Google Analytics

One of my must-read blogs, TechCrunch, has a recent post entitled “Google Analytics Swings at Measure Map.” Though I love this site and its coverage on everything new and cool happening around the web, I have to take exception with that headline as it assumes something I don’t quite think is there yet with Measure […]

Google Analytics released

Google launched its Analytics service today. I’m pretty excited about this service as we’re a big user of Google AdWords as well as Google AdSense at EvolvePoint. This seems to be the first public offering of web analytics from Google since their acquisition of Urchin. Although I’m very interested to see how Google Analytics integrates […]

FeedCraft beta launch

EvolvePoint’s newest service, FeedCraft, has been launched as a soft beta. By that I mean that we’re having a small number of selected beta customers on the service and we’ll expand that in several rounds of testing before our production release. FeedCraft is an RSS feed creation and management service. The service allows you to […]

Google providing feeds for news site

Slashdot reported this morning that Google is now providing RSS and Atom feeds for its Google News site, pointing out that the functionality previously only available in its email alert service can now be delivered via feeds. Details for usage can be found from Google here. What I find interesting is the continuing push of […]

Best mobile RSS readers

There’s a nice little thread on Engadget regarding mobile RSS readers. I had been experimenting with the beta of FeedBurner’s mobile RSS reader and it works, but nothing to get too excited about. From the comments on the Engadget post, I found the following to be getting the most votes as favorite mobile feed readers: […]

Newsgator buys FeedDemon

Well, the news is spreading the morning – Newsgator has bought FeedDemon. This looks like a win win situation for Newsgator, Nick Bradbury, and consumers of both products. As nick mentions in his blog, one of the biggest feature requests he was as yet unable to provide was synchronization between multiple computers. This was one […]

FeedMiner launched

A shameless plug today for my company’s latest product, the beta release of FeedMiner. FeedMiner is a search engine for RSS and Atom feeds. What makes FeedMiner a little different is that we only search feeds and provide a clean user interface. No blogs or any other web pages. After performing a search, the results […]