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Customer experience in retail

I read that Circuit City, despite its troubles, was continuing its multi-quarter turnaround plan.

Here’s my free advice to Circuit City – copy Best Buy. Yes, it’s quite simple advice. Just hang out at your local Best Buy (Circuit City management you may have noticed they’re everywhere now) and start taking notes.

The last time I ventured into a Circuit City store I felt the atmosphere to be dark and depressing. Additionally, the sales people pounced on you as soon as you neared their section.

Contrast this to Best Buy – bright with good lighting, well thought-out store layout, friendly and non-pushy sales people. Where I was once loathe to talk to a Circuit City employee, I happily seek out Best Buy workers and pester them with questions and opinions.

The lesson? Place a high priority on the customer experience. Returning customers are always a good starting point.

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