The formula for building web applications

I read this article on Mashable (via Fred Wilson‘s tweet) and had to post this quote on building web applications: Determine a basic need -> Create a service that satisfies it in the simplest way possible -> Open it up. It sounds simple, but it’s not; determining a basic human need, like the need to share photos or the need to communicate with short text messages is a hit and miss affair. … I believe now that in many cases

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Pricing web applications and services

One of the toughest marketing issues for any business, let alone a company providing web services, is pricing. I recently found a link on Brian Oberkirch‘s blog to On Pricing, a site describing itself as “an ongoing discussion of web app pricing strategies.” Using Tumblr, a popular tumblelog service (I use Tumblr as well here), On Pricing serves up links, screenshots, and quotes discussing web application pricing. So far, this is an excellent resource for web entrepreneurs looking to learn

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