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Performancing Blog Extension for FireFox

Performancing released a FireFox extension today that allows for blogging right within FireFox 1.5 (via Micro Persuasion). This is impressive stuff. Flock built an entirely new browser based on this concept. All I could think about when I tested Flock was why someone didn’t just write a FireFox extension for this functionality. There are a […]

Measure Map and Google Analytics

One of my must-read blogs, TechCrunch, has a recent post entitled “Google Analytics Swings at Measure Map.” Though I love this site and its coverage on everything new and cool happening around the web, I have to take exception with that headline as it assumes something I don’t quite think is there yet with Measure […]

Tagging experiment

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little behind with tagging. At first I didn’t get it, but I’m starting to see benefits. I can’t articulate them entirely yet, but after I play with them a bit more and really start to use the concept across some applications hopefully I can define the usefulness […]

AOL buys Weblogs Inc reports that Weblogs, Inc. has been purchased by AOL for as much as $35 million. Congrats guys. The acquisition is interesting though from a large media versus the traditionally independent blogger point of view. The Weblogs Inc network, despite having many great blogs, was itself “big media” in the blog world. You just have […]

Google Blog Search launched

Well, I saw this one coming (and really, who didn’t?). Google launched its Google Blog Search today (via Steve Rubel, Charlene Li) and it looks impressive. Using a ping server to primarily update its results as opposed to its web crawlers, the Google Blog Search will be competing directly with Technorati, BlogDigger, Feedster, DayPop and […]

Unusual and annoying new blog spam

I’m not sure I understand the point of this new (to me at least) form of blog spam I’m seeing on my sites. I have numerous comments on my posts by anonymous users with non-spammy wording and no URL at all. An example of this can be seen in the comments on the following post […]

Newsgator buys FeedDemon

Well, the news is spreading the morning – Newsgator has bought FeedDemon. This looks like a win win situation for Newsgator, Nick Bradbury, and consumers of both products. As nick mentions in his blog, one of the biggest feature requests he was as yet unable to provide was synchronization between multiple computers. This was one […]

Is ChangeThis dead?

I’m wondering if ChangeThis is dead? There is a tremendous amount of great content on the site contained in their “manifestos”. I see no update since February and in the blog biz, that’s a lifetime ago. I hope they start publishing again as I was impressed with what I had read to this point.