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Must have WordPress plugins

Paul Stamatiou links to a great post by Derek Punsalan on some of the must have plugins for WordPress blogs. Some of the ones listed I’ve already been using on this blog, but there are a few more that look quite useful. If you publish your blog using WordPress, read this post. By the way, […]

New employee and blogger

I want to officially welcome George Woods to EvolvePoint! As he started almost two weeks ago, this welcome is a little belated. George is a summer intern and will be working on a variety of development projects within the company. He also recently started blogging, so check out his blog. George is off to a […]

Sprint Ambassador Program

I received an email yesterday from the Sprint Ambassador Program. A bit skeptical that this was spam, I read the email and was intrigued. Apparently, Sprint has developed program to get new phones and service lines into the hands of folks who would hopefully give them feedback and evangelize their products. The Sprint Ambassador Program […]

Apology for the multiple links posts

Just an apology for the accidental multiple posts the past two days. There should only be the daily links posts and not the repetitive weekly links posts that showed up this weekend. Sometimes you can outsmart yourself by trying to make things easier. I have a WordPress plugin that automatically takes links posted to […]

Guy Kawasaki starts blog

Guy Kawasaki has started his blog entitled “Let the Good Times Roll” (and it’s about time Guy!) The Art of the Start is one of my favorite books on entrepreneurship and I recently bought Rules for Revolutionaries. Guy’s writing style is engaging, informative, and to the point. I expect the same from his blog, so […]

EvolvePoint blog

I want to announce the new EvolvePoint blog here for anyone who’s interested in keeping up with the developments of the company and our products. From time to time, the content on this blog will overlap, but it won’t be a planned occurrence. The goal of the company blog is to consolidate information that has […]