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Using a Dell Printer on a Mac

After more searching than I thought would be needed, I found the steps for getting my Dell 1100 laser printer to work with Mac OS X. From a thread on, I followed these steps: 1) download and install both drivers on this page: 2) setup the printer as a Samsung ML-1210 These […]

The Big Switch from Windows to Mac OS X

After spending most of my computing life exclusively on Windows, I’ve made the switch to a Mac. Why now? Over the years, I’ve become quite adept and comfortable in Windows. I’ve focused much of my career around Windows technologies. So why the switch now, especially with Microsoft’s Vista launching? Let me try to explain. But […]

Remote data backup service review

My sister called me last night asking for help locating some possibly deleted files on her laptop. As we went through the process of locating these possibly permanently lost files, we had a brief discussion about backup options and how to prevent this in the future. I mentioned a service I use called Mozy that has been […]

GotAPI is a must-have development resource

If you’re doing any kind of development, you should probably bookmark this site – I stumbled on the site a while back, bookmarked it, but never though of it again. Then I read this post on Ajaxian and took another look. Billing itself as “the most comprehensive API collection on the web”, I’d have […]

Technology news and events

Just a follow up to my last post on the news of two local companies – if you’re interested in receiving the latest news on regional (Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Virginia) news and events, I’ve found the following newsletters to be the most useful:

BlackBerry and SideKick Intellisync Issues

This is hopefully the last in my series of “trying to buy a new mobile phone.” Recently, I had tremendous difficulty in trying to sync my Outlook 2003 both with my BlackBerry 7100t and then my new SideKick II using the Intellisync software that comes bundled with both devices (though under different names, both are […]

Smartphone search completed with SideKick II

Continuing from my last post on buying a new smartphone, I settled on the SideKick II from Danger through T-Mobile. There were numerous reasons for this decision. Iâ??ll outline them below, but after a few days of using the SideKick, I can honestly tell you it just blows the BlackBerry away in terms of both […]

Mobile viruses

Business Week has an interesting article on mobile viruses. This is something I’ve been increasingly concerned about as most users now understand the risk of viruses on their computer, but not so much on their mobile devices. Mobile viruses are a whole new concerns for so many more consumers as many don’t even realize the […]