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Every once in a while I like to make technology device or gadget diversion on this blog as I know many readers face many of the same issues as I do. Today highlights my new smart phone plight. As I wrote almost a year ago, my primary mobile phone has been a BlackBerry 7100t through T-Mobile. Initially, I thought this phone was the perfect marriage of size and functionality.

O'Reilly Network technology summaries

The O’Reilly Network has a series of articles on their site describing the basics of several technologies. These articles are great overviews for even experienced users and are written by the authors of some of their popular books. What is Web 2.0 What is ASP.NET What is a BlackBerry What is Open Source What is a Portlet What is VoIP What is Greasemonkey What is Firefox

Portaqua in Roanoke Times

One of the member companies in VT KnowledgeWorks, Portaqua, will soon be launching its portable system that purifies and packages drinking water. There’s some coverage at the Roanoke Times.

The evolution and history of PDAs

It’s almost embarrassing if I think about the number of PDAs and similar gadgets I’ve owned over the years. And sadly, I’m still looking for the perfect one. My BlackBerry comes close, but still not quite there. Evan Koblentz has a great article chronicling the evolution and history of PDAs starting with pre-PDA devices and moving to current devices like the Palm Treo. The majority of the article details (with pictures) the earlier late 70’s and early 80’s PDA versions.

Xbox 360 revealed

Engadget has a post on the new Xbox 360 that is as yet still unofficially released despite Microsoftâ??s Xbox360 Revealed launch party in Los Angeles last week. What’s really interesting is the 300+ comments on the brief post. I’d say there’s some interest in the new Xbox…

Tip for protecting mobile phone screens

Here’s a tip for protecting your mobile phone screen. With newer phones having more PDA functionality built-in, the screens have become much larger. I was starting to find small scratches and scuff marks on my T-Mobile BlackBerry 7100t. So I found some old leftover PDA screen protectors from my Palm, traced the size needed for my BlackBerry screen, cut with scissors to size, and voila, BlackBerry screen protector. I used Fellowes WriteRight Micro-Thin Protectors, but I’m sure anything similar will

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Solar death ray

I at first thought this site was some kind of late April Fools joke, but no, its true. And somehow, I’m strangely fascinated by it. How can you resist a site where you can request an object be melted by a solar death ray?

Podcasting for the Pocket PC

Here's an interesting one for the PDA users. Pocket PC Magazine has an article on how to listen to podcasts on your Pocket PC, specifically by using the podcast aggregator service, DopplerRadio. Podcasting is really taking off. I'm not quite on board yet, but I hope to be getting more involved especially as more useful tools are developed.

Engineers devise invisibility shield

Invisibility. How's that for a headline? Nature reports that two engineers have devised a method to essentially cloak objects by reducing light scattering. This could have interesting applications. Andrea Alù and Nader Engheta of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia say that a 'plasmonic cover' could render objects "nearly invisible to an observer". Their idea remains just a proposal at this stage, but it doesn't obviously violate any laws of physics. The full text of their paper can be found

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