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Apology for the multiple links posts

Just an apology for the accidental multiple posts the past two days. There should only be the daily links posts and not the repetitive weekly links posts that showed up this weekend. Sometimes you can outsmart yourself by trying to make things easier. I have a WordPress plugin that automatically takes links posted to and turns them into a blog post. I changed the settings to have the post saved as a draft for my review and not straight to published mode. Sometimes, if there is only one link, I’ll save it for the next day and add it to another post. I feel it’s just easier on my readers to do it this way. Unfortunately, one of these posts was assigned a permalink url that was the directory where the WordPress script was stored on the server. Normally, this would not have been an issue, but apparently I had another script on there that would automatically publish a weekly links post by running it. So, people who were trying to read the page saw these links, clicked on them, and the weekly links were posted.

The problem has been taken care of and there shouldn’t be anymore issues like this. If anyone really doesn’t like the daily links feature, please let me know. I find them useful on other blogs and sometimes I just don’t have a lot to write about on a particular link, but it’s something I think should be shared.

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