Using Web 2.0 technologies for marketing podcast

Last month I participated in a podcast with Tom Myer of Triple Dog Dare Media and Myles Bristowe of VividContext on leveraging Web 2.0 concepts in marketing programs. We had a lively discussion that covered a full range of topics including the benefits and potential pitfalls of using RSS, blogs, social networks, and other buzzwords commonly associated with “Web 2.0”. The full podcast can now be found here.

Pricing web applications and services

One of the toughest marketing issues for any business, let alone a company providing web services, is pricing. I recently found a link on Brian Oberkirch‘s blog to On Pricing, a site describing itself as “an ongoing discussion of web app pricing strategies.” Using Tumblr, a popular tumblelog service (I use Tumblr as well here), On Pricing serves up links, screenshots, and quotes discussing web application pricing. So far, this is an excellent resource for web entrepreneurs looking to learn

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The Perils of Consumer Inertia

I want to watch my favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, every week. It’s really that simple. Not living in Western Pennsylvania anymore, the only way to guarantee this is to have DirecTV as my service provider. Currently, I have Comcast digital cable. The service isn’t very good, just like all the other cable companies. So, Comcast has succeeded in training me to be used to it. The DVR works well, but not as good as Tivo. There’s a decent

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Web usability key for online marketing success even in eLearning

I started doing some preparations today for the strategic marketing class I teach at Virginia Tech. The fall semester is almost here, so I figured it’s about time to make sure the online access and listserv were ready. Sadly, I dread this small task because I have to interface with Blackboard. Despite (or maybe because of) Blackboard’s dominance in many universities, the software is completely unusable. Blackboard is quite possibly the worst web application I have used recently. Why such

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Web analytics services and Performancing's mistake

Center Networks has a great overview of the available options for web analytics. I’ve tried many of these services, but each of them have been lacking in some way. The following services are briefly covered: Clicky, eXTReMe Tracking, Google Analytics, Mint, and Quantcast. One service I tried recently that wasn’t mentioned was Performancing Metrics which has a robust set of features and a modest monthly charge for full access. Clicky looked interesting, but upon arriving at the home page it

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iPhone launch hype, the day after

I wasn’t planning on purchasing an iPhone (primarily because I’m on T-Mobile), but I’ve been watching the hype and subsequent launch with great interest. I love smartphones and tend to buy a new one every six months or so. Partly because of new features I *need* and the rest is I just love playing with the newest gadgets (much to my wife’s dismay). I’ve been waiting for years for mobile content development to really take off, but there has yet

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Podcast Available on Using RSS for Marketing

SXSW has finally posted the full audio podcast of the panel I moderated called Using RSS for Marketing. In addition, a short highlight video podcast was posted as well. Check them out to get a feel for the content at the SXSW conference and learn about marketing with RSS from the panelists which included Emily Chang, Bill Flitter, Greg Reinacker, and John Jantsch.

Strategic marketing with blogs for your business

Last week I spoke at a conference on expanding a business beyond the local region. My talk focused on using blogs, feeds, and social networks for marketing a business and expanding its presence. One of the questions that came up was how to respond to negative comments and posts from users and detractors. In other words, should we use these types of Internet services to react or respond to bloggers who may be attacking my business? My first response was

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Web Development and User Friendliness

I saw the following quote in the comments of a blog post today: Itâ??s been developed using newest web2.0 technologies so itâ??s fast and user friendly. This was written by the developer of a newly released web application. I’m not trying to embarrass anyone here, so I’ll leave off the name and the application. So what’s wrong with this statement? It’s the assumption (by many I might add), that using Web 2.0 technologies leads to a speed increase and user

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Regional sites using Internet marketing to promote area launched yesterday with the goal of aggressively seeking and attracting retailers to Roanoke, Virginia. The City of Roanoke, with the efforts of Stuart Mease, have done an excellent job recently of implementing a Internet based strategic marketing plan to promote the region’s opportunities and economic development efforts. From blogging to MySpace to videos on YouTube, the city is making great strides in highlighting the area’s attractive qualities for businesses, residents, and visitors. I’d also like to note that these

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