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FeedMiner launched

A shameless plug today for my company’s latest product, the beta release of FeedMiner. FeedMiner is a search engine for RSS and Atom feeds. What makes FeedMiner a little different is that we only search feeds and provide a clean user interface. No blogs or any other web pages. After performing a search, the results are displayed similar to any other search engine. Clicking on a title in the result set (or the “preview” link) will take the user to a page displaying the content of the feed nicely formatted for reading. On this page, the user can click on a toolbar above the feed content to add the feed to the reader of their choice.

As we released this into beta, we will be tweaking the code here and there, but overall FeedMiner is very stable right now and provides an excellent search experience (if I do say so myself!). So, check it out, and please provide any and all feedback.

We also have a development blog that we’re trying to add additional content to as soon as possible.

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