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Closing EvolvePoint and FeedCraft

Last month I announced to all our FeedCraft customers that EvolvePoint would be shutting down the service. I’ll be writing more about why I think the product did not become as successful as planned; but regardless of the reasons, the economic realities made the decision inevitable. I founded EvolvePoint in 2004 initially performing management and […]

Entrepreneur Resource List

Andy Forbes has compiled (and regularly updates) a great list of entrepreneur resources (PDF). The list is geared towards the Washington DC region, but there is a wealth of information here that goes beyond the area. The list has been generated with input from the community, specifically from the Netpreneur mailing list (another great resource). Disclaimer: EvolvePoint is listed.

Project Time Tracking Tools

Om Malik has a post on project time tracking over at the Web Worker Daily blog. His post is only a question to the readers regarding what they use for time tracking their various projects, but the comments are filled with great suggestions including: Web: FreshBooks ( Basecamp ( Tick ( SlimTimer ( Harvest ( […]

Web Workers Unite!

Om Malik has ventured off and started his own media empire. I’ve enjoyed Om’s writing for quite some time, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him starting a blog focused on the web workers of the world called Web Worker Daily. TechCrunch had a post on the launch a couple days ago and I’ve […]