Identifying your passions for success

I woke up on my birthday this past Saturday morning and thought about the day ahead. What did I want to do today? I think it says a lot about where your passions lie, when on a day you can legitimately do most anything you want (a birthday and a Saturday), on how you plan your activities. For me, far in advance I knew I wanted to go climbing. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating. Apart from climbing, I really

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Lessons From a Failed Startup: The Overview

Many say you learn more from your failures than your successes. I believe this to be absolutely true in business as well as most other aspects of life. And you can also learn quite a bit from the stories of failures from others. So, as promised when I announced that my company was shutting down, I’ll be posting a collection of thoughts on what I feel are some of the big learning lessons in this experience of running an Internet

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The advantages of being a student entrepreneur

The other day I had the opportunity to have coffee with a student entrepreneur from Virginia Tech. This is the second such meeting in a month and I hope it’s a sign of future trends. Over the past two semesters, I’ve met with three entrepreneurs, all at the end stages of their undergraduate education, and all were pondering this decision – take a “regular” job or start my own business. In my opinion, the decision is a no-brainer. Follow your

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Colorado trip and the startup community in Boulder

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently spent ten days in Colorado both looking for a place to live and attending a few events. It was an exhausting trip, but we made a lot of progress on all fronts. Unfortunately, I was sick immediately following my return and have been playing catch up ever since. While on the trip, I attended three great events starting with TechStars For A Day. I’m not applying to TechStars this summer, but

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Closing EvolvePoint and FeedCraft

Last month I announced to all our FeedCraft customers that EvolvePoint would be shutting down the service. I’ll be writing more about why I think the product did not become as successful as planned; but regardless of the reasons, the economic realities made the decision inevitable. I founded EvolvePoint in 2004 initially performing management and IT consulting work in the Washington DC area. In 2005, I moved the company to Blacksburg, Virginia to be part of the VT KnowledgeWorks program

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Pricing web applications and services

One of the toughest marketing issues for any business, let alone a company providing web services, is pricing. I recently found a link on Brian Oberkirch‘s blog to On Pricing, a site describing itself as “an ongoing discussion of web app pricing strategies.” Using Tumblr, a popular tumblelog service (I use Tumblr as well here), On Pricing serves up links, screenshots, and quotes discussing web application pricing. So far, this is an excellent resource for web entrepreneurs looking to learn

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Entrepreneur Resource List

Andy Forbes has compiled (and regularly updates) a great list of entrepreneur resources (PDF). The list is geared towards the Washington DC region, but there is a wealth of information here that goes beyond the area. The list has been generated with input from the community, specifically from the Netpreneur mailing list (another great resource). Disclaimer: EvolvePoint is listed.

Project Time Tracking Tools

Om Malik has a post on project time tracking over at the Web Worker Daily blog. His post is only a question to the readers regarding what they use for time tracking their various projects, but the comments are filled with great suggestions including: Web: FreshBooks ( Basecamp ( Tick ( SlimTimer ( Harvest ( 88 Miles ( 14dayz ( Time Tracker ( Side Job Track ( 1time ( ( Desktop: On the Job Timeless Time & Expense

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Web Workers Unite!

Om Malik has ventured off and started his own media empire. I’ve enjoyed Om’s writing for quite some time, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him starting a blog focused on the web workers of the world called Web Worker Daily. TechCrunch had a post on the launch a couple days ago and I’ve been reading the posts since then. The blog focuses on the distributed and remote workers who rely on the Internet, laptops, and mobile devices to

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