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Blogsnob from Pheedo removed

Some of my readers (and I suspect very few) may have noticed the two small ads at the bottom of the left navigation on this site. They’re gone now and there’s a big reason for it – the slow speed the pages were loading. from is a great idea. As an ad network for blogs, you promote your blog through the network for free by simply displayed other free blog ads. You receive credits for every ad your site displays and then those credits are used to display your ads. Now I didn’t expect to see tremendous traffic from this, so the low click through rate wasn’t my biggest concern. What prompted me to remove them was the fact that the ads were holding up my page load time. The Blogsnob ads were slowing my page loading to a crawl. My unscientific tests had them delaying a full page load by over 10 seconds after half of the other content loaded. This is wholly unacceptable and since I was getting very little traffic from them, it’s goodbye Blogsnob.

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  1. I just removed them from my own blog because they instituted very large, very ugly ad banners that were quite literally destroying my site design by forcing one of the columns in the fluid design to be expanded to where the content wasn’t visible until you scrolled way down the page. AND the ads were bright blue in a bone-and-parchment colorscheme…

    Anyway, I was doing some research to see if I was the only one who was disenchanted with Blogsnob since Pheedo took over, and came across your entry and thought, hey, a comment from a total stranger, why not? 🙂