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Planning for Microsoft IIS 7

is planning to release Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 in 2006. VSLive has a first look at Microsoft’s next generation web server. The new version of IIS appears to be more modular, allowing specific components to be turned on or off as needed. Building on the component theme, Microsoft is also building APIs to allow for third-party development. Finally, IIS will now be fully integrated with and the entire .NET framework.

More details at Jon(e)sie.Net Blog and Fritz Onion’s blog.

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  1. MOSS 2007 looks like a fantastic pudroct. I’ve just got VPC 2007 on to my Vista laptop and installed Windows Server 2003 ready to get MOSS on to it. I’m going to be demoing this to a customer so I might be coming to you for some advice. I feel a Virtual Lab coming on!