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Solar death ray

I at first thought this site was some kind of late April Fools joke, but no, its true. And somehow, I’m strangely fascinated by it. How can you resist a site where you can request an object be melted by a solar death ray?

Google to start 'video blogging'

The BBC has an article on Google beginning an experiment in video blogging. The company plans to archive video clips. Video blogging – vlogging – is still a new phenomenon but is expected to take off as web space becomes cheaper – or even free – and digital cameras become ever more sophisticated. More info […]

Yahoo 360 Review

I’ve had a chance to use the new Yahoo! 360 (thanks Mindsack) and the following is my review. I can’t say that I’m terribly impressed with Yahoo 360 and I will not be using it anytime soon for blogging. Everyone is comparing it to other blogging tools, but I’m not sure if that is an […]

Here come the podcasts has a good summary of podcasts and podcasting. I’ve written about podcasting before, but I still haven’t gotten around to trying it out. Podcasting has the power to change the way rich media information is broadcast. It’s kind of a mix of the Web, TiVo and portable consumer electronics, all in one. The interesting […]

Google aquires Urchin

InsideGoogle reports that Google is purchasing the web analytics company Urchin for somewhere in the order of $30 million. It looks like Google could integrate Urchin into its advertising programs as well as Blogger.